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BOCES Arts in Education programs

The BOCES Arts In Education service is a highly effective way in which school districts in New York State can provide arts-in-education programming. This service is designed to provide resources for schools to integrate the arts throughout all of the NYS Standards areas.

New York State’s magnificent cultural resources (museums, libraries, historical sites, performing arts centers, teaching artists) are ideal partners to support and enrich the school curriculum. Exhibits, performances, workshops, and residencies designed by professionals, allow students to learn in exciting new ways.

School districts in New York State can use BOCES Arts In Education service to integrate the arts into education at all levels, Pre-K - 12. Activities may include music, dance, drama, writing, and the visual and media arts. The cost of BOCES coordination, the contracts with artists or arts groups (or admission tickets to arts activities), staff development for teachers, the development of an arts-in-education curriculum, student and teacher materials associated with arts activities are all eligible for BOCES aid.

Questions and Answers on BOCES Arts in Education Services

What is BOCES?

BOCES stands for Board of Cooperative Educational Services. A BOCES is a public organization created by the New York State Legislature in 1948 to provide shared educational programs and services to school districts. There are currently 38 BOCES incorporating all but 9 of the 721 school districts in New York State. BOCES membership is not available to urban school districts such as New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers and Syracuse.

What is BOCES Aid?

BOCES aid is a form of State aid which reimburses school districts for a percentage of the costs of services provided by BOCES. Districts pay for these services in a given school year and are reimbursed the following year. The amount of reimbursement is based on the district's State aid ratio.

How do districts get BOCES Aid for Arts in Education?

First, two or more school districts must request BOCES to operate an Arts-In-Education service (Co-Ser 5842). Then, the service must meet certain standards of operation including completion of a needs assessment, establishment of an advisory council, design and coordination of the service, supervision of arts providers, and evaluation of services. A minimum level of coordination by a BOCES staff person is also required.

How does Arts in Education contribute to the State Education Department's mission to raise standards for all students?

Arts in Education infused into the curriculum Pre-K - 12 helps students achieve at higher levels and enables them to become well-rounded students more able to succeed.

What expenditures are eligible for BOCES Aid?

Eligible expenditures include the cost of BOCES coordination, contracts with artists/arts groups (or admission tickets to arts activities), staff development for teachers, development of an arts-in-education curriculum and student and teacher materials.

What types of artists may provide services?

The criteria/guidelines for the BOCES arts-in-education service reference the following arts areas from which school districts may select: Music, Writing, Drama, Dance, and Visual and Media Arts.

How can an artist participate in Arts in Education?

There are many ways to become involved and a number of organizations that can help you get started. Visit the Association for Teaching Artists on the web, contact your local BOCES AIE Program, contact New York State Council on the Arts - AIE, Partners for Arts Education, or your local arts council.

Since BOCES services have the be shared, how does that work with Arts in Education?

There must be at least two districts requesting arts-in-education services (Co-Ser 5842) to meet sharing requirements. Arts-in-Education is unique under the Law as the individual arts activity within the total service does not have to be shared.

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Last Updated: January 21, 2014