Curriculum and Instruction

Standard 2 - Knowing and Using Arts Materials and Resources

Students will be knowledgeable about and make use of the materials and resources available for participation in arts in various roles.


Key idea: Students will know how to access dance and dance-related material from libraries, resource centers, museums, studios, and performance spaces. Students will know various career possibilities in dance and recreational opportunities to dance. Students will attend dance events and participate as appropriate within each setting.


Key idea: Students will use traditional instruments, electronic instruments, and a variety of nontraditional sound sources to create and perform music. They will use various resources to expand their knowledge of listening experiences, performance opportunities, and/or information about music. Students will identify opportunities to contribute to their communities’ music institutions, including those embedded in other institutions (church choirs, industrial music ensembles, etc.). Students will know the vocations and avocations available to them in music.


Key idea: Students will know the basic tools, media, and techniques involved in theatrical production. Students will locate and use school, community, and professional resources for theatre experiences. Students will understand the job opportunities available in all aspects of theatre.

Visual Arts

Key idea: Students will know and use a variety of visual arts materials, techniques, and processes. Students will know about resources and opportunities for participation in visual arts in the community (exhibitions, libraries, museums, galleries) and use appropriate materials (art reproductions, slides, print materials, electronic media). Students will be aware of vocational options available in the visual arts.

Last Updated: April 16, 2009