Curriculum and Instruction

Standard 1 - Dance

Key idea: Students will perform set dance forms in formal and informal contexts and will improvise, create, and perform dances based on their own movement ideas. They will demonstrate an understanding of choreographic principles, processes, and structures and of the roles of various participants in dance productions.

Performance Indicators


Students will:

  • identify and demonstrate movement elements and skills (such as bend, twist, slide, skip, hop) (a)
  • demonstrate ways of moving in relation to people, objects, and environments in set dance forms (b)
  • create and perform simple dances based on their own movement ideas (c)


Students will:

  • know and demonstrate a range of movement elements and skills (such as balance, alignment, elevation, and landing) and basic dance steps, positions, and patterns (a)
  • dance a range of forms from free improvisation to structured choreography (b)
  • create or improvise dance phrases, studies, and dances, alone and/or in collaboration with others, in a variety of contexts (c)
  • demonstrate the ability to take various roles in group productions and
    performances (d)


Students will:

  • perform movements and dances that require demonstration of complex steps and patterns as well as an understanding of contextual meanings (a)
  • create dance studies and full choreographies based on identified and selected dance movement vocabulary (b)
  • apply a variety of choreographic processes and structures as appropriate to plan a duet or ensemble performance (c)

Commencement Major Sequence

Students will:

  • use a variety of sources to find dance ideas (a)
  • select dance structures for use in choreographic projects (b)
  • perform dances requiring use of more sophisticated performance elements such as dynamics, phrasing, musicality, expression (c)
  • use a variety of choreographic approaches with any number of dancers, props, and performance spaces (d)
  • demonstrate ability to work effectively as dancer, choreographer, director, costumer, lighting designer, manager (e)
Last Updated: October 7, 2015