Curriculum and Instruction

Standard 2 - Dance

Key idea: Students will know how to access dance and dance-related material from libraries, resource centers, museums, studios, and performance spaces. Students will know various career possibilities in dance and recreational opportunities to dance. Students will attend dance events and participate as appropriate within each setting.

Performance Indicators


Students will:

  • demonstrate knowledge of dance resources in video, photography, print, and live performance (a)
  • understand the concept of live performance and appropriate conduct (b)
  • demonstrate a knowledge of dance-related careers (e.g., dancer, choreographer, composer, lighting designer, historian, teacher) (c)


Students will:

  • demonstrate knowledge of sources for understanding dance technologies: live, print, video, computer, etc. (a)
  • demonstrate knowledge of how human structure and function affect movement in parts of dances and dances that they know or have choreographed (b)
  • demonstrate knowledge of audience/performer responsibilities and relationships in dance (c)
  • demonstrate knowledge of differences in performance venue and the events presented in each (d)


Students will:

  • use dance technologies without significant supervision (a)
  • are familiar with techniques of research about dance (b)
  • know about regional performance venues which present dance and how to purchase tickets and access information about events (c)
  • know about educational requirements of dance-related careers (d)
  • identify major muscles and bones and how they function in dance movement (e)

Commencement Major Sequence

Students will:

  • use technologies to research, create, perform, or communicate about dance (a)
  • understand the roles of dancers, audience, and creators in a variety of dance forms and contexts (b)
  • participate in, or observe, dance events outside of school (c)
  • know about educational requirements of dance-related careers and how to prepare for possible entrance into those fields (d)
  • know about good nutrition, injury prevention, and how to care for the body (e)
Last Updated: October 7, 2015