Curriculum and Instruction

Standard 4 - Dance

Key idea: Students will know dances from many cultures and times and recognize their relationship to various cultural, social, and historic contexts. Students will recognize that dance is performed in many different cultural settings and serves many functions in diverse societies.

Performance Indicators


Students will:

  • identify basic dance movements that are typical of the major world cultures (a)
  • explain the settings and circumstances in which dance is found in their lives and those of others, both past and present (b)


Students will:

  • identify the major dance forms of specific world cultures past and present (a)
  • identify some of the major dance artists from diverse cultures (b)
  • show how specific dance forms are related to the culture from which they come (c)


Students will:

  • explain the interaction of performer and audience in dance as a shared cultural
    event (a)
  • identify the cultural elements in a variety of dances drawn from the folk and classical repertories (b)
  • recognize specific contributions of dance and dancers to their own lives and to people in other times and places (c)

Commencement Major Sequence

Students will:

  • demonstrate an understanding of dance as a shared cultural event when giving presentations (dance, lecture, video, written report) (a)
  • demonstrate a knowledge of cultural elements in dance presentations of folk and classical repertories (b)
  • prepare formal presentations that use materials about dance and dancers of other times and places (c)
Last Updated: October 7, 2015