Curriculum and Instruction

Standard 4 - Theatre

Key idea: Students will gain knowledge about past and present cultures as expressed through theatre. They will interpret how theatre reflects the beliefs, issues, and events of societies past and present.

Performance Indicators


Students will:

  • dramatize stories and folk tales from various cultures (a)
  • engage in drama/theatre activities including music, dance, and games which reflect other cultures and ethnic groups (b)
  • discuss how classroom theatre activities relate to their lives (c)


Students will:

  • improvise scenes based on information about various cultures (a)
  • create intercultural celebrations using props, settings, and costumes (b)
  • explain how drama/theatre experiences relate to themselves and others (c)


Students will:

  • read and view a variety of plays from different cultures (a)
  • using the basic elements of theatre (e.g., speech, gesture, costume, etc.), explain how different theatrical productions represent the cultures from which they come (b)
  • articulate the societal beliefs, issues and events of specific theatrical productions (c)

Commencement Major Sequence

Students will:

  • conduct an in-depth investigation of the works of a given culture or playwright (a)
  • create a multicultural theatre festival of excerpts from plays representing various cultures (c)
Last Updated: October 8, 2015