Curriculum and Instruction

Standard 2 - Visual Arts

Key idea: Students will know and use a variety of visual arts materials, techniques, and processes. Students will know about resources and opportunities for participation in visual arts in the community (exhibitions, libraries, museums, galleries) and use appropriate materials (art reproductions, slides, print materials, electronic media). Students will be aware of vocational options available in the visual arts.

Performance Indicators


Students will:

  • understand the characteristics of various mediums (two-dimensional, three-dimensional, electronic images) in order to select those that are appropriate for their purposes and intent (a)
  • develop skills with electronic media as a means of expressing visual ideas (b)
  • know about some cultural institutions (museums and galleries) and community opportunities (art festivals) for looking at original art and talking to visiting artists, to increase their understanding of art (c)
  • give examples of adults who make their living in the arts professions (d)


Students will:

  • develop skills with a variety of art materials and competence in at least one
    medium (a)
  • use the computer and other electronic media as designing tools and to communicate visual ideas (b)
  • take advantage of community opportunities and cultural institutions to learn from professional artists, look at original art, and increase their understanding of art (c)
  • understand the variety of careers related to the visual arts and the skills necessary to pursue some of them (d)


Students will:

  • select and use mediums and processes that communicate intended meaning in their art works, and exhibit competence in at least two mediums (a)
  • use the computer and electronic media to express their visual ideas and demonstrate a variety of approaches to artistic creation (b)
  • interact with professional artists and participate in school- and community-sponsored programs by art organizations and cultural institutions (c)
  • understand a broad range of vocations/avocations in the field of visual arts, including those involved with creating, performing, exhibiting, and promoting art (d)

Commencement Major Sequence

Students will:

  • develop Commencement Portfolios that show proficiency in one or more mediums and skill in using and manipulating the computer and other electronic media (a)
  • prepare a portfolio that meets the admission requirements of selected institutions (b)
  • understand the preparation required for particular art professions and acquire some skills of those professions through internships with local galleries, museums, advertising agencies, architectural firms, and other institutions (c)
Last Updated: October 8, 2015