Curriculum and Instruction

Statewide Strategic Plan
for the Arts
& Survey

As the State develops a comprehensive approach to the revitalization of arts education in New York, we are sharing a DRAFT Statewide Strategic Plan for the Arts. This Statewide Strategic Plan for the Arts will serve as a planning and implementation guide to support the advancement and adoption of the revised New York State P-12 Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual and Media Arts Learning Standards. The mission of the Statewide Strategic Plan for the Arts can be realized only if all Arts educators and other stakeholders are involved in supporting its implementation.

Revision of the New York State Learning Standards for the Arts

The adoption of new standards signifies New York State‚Äôs understanding that the Arts are essential for a well-rounded complete education and also contribute to raising overall student achievement. The five statewide arts standards steering committees have assembled over the summer to discuss the NCAS and to consider the implications surrounding adoption of the NCAS in New York State. Each discipline team used crosswalks to come to consensus about alignment, first of the anchor standards, then the discipline specific performance standards. Any changes agreed upon are accompanied by a clear rationale and impact statement supporting those changes. The teams are creating New York State at-a-glance versions as well as an implementation guide for administrators and guidance counselors. Draft standards will be released in a survey for public comment later this fall.  

Standards Implementation Time Table

2016-17 Spring Roll out of new standards
2017-18 Transition to new standards
2018-19 Implementation of New Standards


NCCAS 2015-16 High School Model Cornerstone Assessment Pilot

Downloadable Documents:

Draft NY Statewide Strategic Plan for the ArtsPDF16.5MB

Art Standard Revision CommitteesPDF 88KB


Last Updated: August 15,2016