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Call for Expertise

The State Education Department (SED)is proud of its tradition of involving New York State teachers in a variety of curriculum guidance initiatives related to the seven learning standard areas. Over the years, thousands of teachers have worked with us to develop the New York State Learning Standards and Resource Guides with Core Curriculum. The expertise of diverse educators representing New York's diverse student population is essential in guiding this important work. Through our "Call for Expertise," we encourage you to become involved.

Below we have provided you with current, task-specific “Call for Expertise” opportunities in an effort to maintain up-to-date information and to allow you to select projects and committees that best fit your interest and expertise. We now ask that you submit your information via email to the contact for each individual project and committee. Our information database still serves us as a helpful tool, and this application system will provide you with the option to voice interest in committees you wish to serve.

The opportunities are listed by project dates and include information on the charge of the committee and related logistics. Please send an email of interest to the SED contact listed (Important: please include in the subject line "Call for Expertise"), as well as fill out the Call for Expertise form(*Note: due to technical issues, the Call for Expertise form is currently unavailable, check back periodically for its availability). As with any professional selection process, teacher consultants are chosen based on their experience and qualifications matched to the required criteria and charge of the committee. All consultants must be sensitive to and respectful of all peoples of all cultures. Department staff responsible for establishing each committee will contact you with additional information regarding your interest in serving.

Thank you for answering our call! 

Date Project/Committee Location Compensation Contact Closing Date
  Opportunities will be posted as soon as they become available.


Last Updated: September 18, 2009