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The crossword puzzle


4.     An _____ is an order from a court either prohibiting an action or demanding an action be done.
5.     A ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court is called a _____ _____ if the decision has an extremely important outcome.
6.     A _____ gives a person or a company legal permission to take an action.
8.     A formal rule or a law is called a _____.
9.     The Chief Justice of the U.S.Supreme Court in 1824 when the ruling was made on Gibbons v. Ogden was _____.
10.   Gibbons v. Ogden is one of several landmark U.S. Supreme Court decisions that established the principle that the federal government could limit _____ rights.
13.   _____ is the buying and selling of goods.
14.   According to the ruling in Gibbons v. Ogden, _____ was to legislate and regulate all matters involving trade between the states.
15.   A request or a plea to a court is called a _____.
16.   The _____ River is where Fulton made his first successful run with a steam powered boat.


1.     The energy that powered the Clermont came from _____.
2.     A _____ is when a person or company has exclusive control of a service or market
3.     _____is a key vocabulary term central to this learning experience and the Gibbons v Ogden decision.
7.     Trade that takes place between two or more states is called _____ trade.
11.   The steam boat was one of the new forms of transportation in the Transportation _____, a great change in how people traveled.
12.   According to David Divine, quoted in document seven, the steam boat eliminated _____ on trade winds as it cut the seasons out of sailing.





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