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Treaties crossword puzzle


2.     The French used the word _____ when referring to the Haudenosaunee.
3.     Copper kettles and iron tools obtained from the Europeans in trade were incomparably more useful to the Haudenosaunee than their _____ of stone and clay.
7.     When the Haudenosaunee and the Europeans engaged in _____ (discussion or bargaining) each held different items as significantly valuable.
8.     In the 1600s, the Dutch and the Haudenosaunee made _____ (agreements).
11.   Through treaties with the Haudenosaunee, the Dutch hoped to maintain order and expand their _____ North American fur trade.
14.   The cultural differences between the Dutch and native peoples of North America during this turbulent time led to _____ between the two groups.
15.   On the continent of North America, during the Age of Exploration, natives and Europeans discovered each other and found their _____, or ways of living, different from one another's.
16.   The _____ are people from the European country of The Netherlands.


1.     During the process of making a treaty, wampum was the symbol of agreement to the Haudenosaunee, where as a _____ paper was most important to the Europeans.
4.     To the Iroquois, wampum was a record of treaty negotiations. Wampum was _____ of words spoken.
5.     When European settlers and native peoples of North America attempted to live as neighbors, sets of rules helped both to have a better _____ with each other.
6.     The Haudenosaunee view of the land differed greatly form the European concept of  _____.
9.     A treaty is a formal _____between two nations.
10.   We now call the island of _____, Manhattan.
12.   As seen in the illustration of wampum held by Cayuga Chief Thomas, the Haudenosaunee considered their nation and that of the Dutch to be separate, but _____.
13.   In the 17th  c., much of the traded _____ came from the beaver.
14.   In the Haudenosaunee world view, land was not considered a _____, which could bought or sold.



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