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This activity should be completed before reading the Journal of Samuel de Champlain.

Visualizing Vocabulary
A picture of a French Arquebusier

French arquebusier:
A French soldier holding his arquebus.

How would you define an arquebuse?

Flotilla of bark canoes

What do you think the word flotilla means?

Flotilla of bark canoes

This activity should be completed before reading French Attack on an Iroquois Village.

French Musketeer

Describe in detail a French musketeer.

A fort protected by four rows of log palisades

“The village was well protected with four rows of log palisades thirty feet high.” What are palisades?

Vocabulary Memory - Matching Game

By turning over the cards two at a time match the correct vocabulary word with the correct definition card. Each player keeps the correct matches as they play – the most at the end wins.

Colonial Era Fur Trade
Haudenosaunee Lucrative
Nation Alliances
Treaty Supremacy
Encounter Hostile
Destiny Barricade
Annihilate Besiegers
Galleries Rapids
Thither Co-existence
A union or agreement to cooperate Completely destroy; defeat utterly
Block or defend with a barrier The one whom has laide siege to another (military action of surrounding one’s enemy)
Predetermined course of events or fate To meet by change or in conflict
A long row or hall to view from An enemy; unfriendly
Steep descent in a riverbead, with a swift current Being supreme; or highest authority
To or toward a place A time period when the Americas were settled and controlled by Europeans
Animal pelts exchanged for goods or money Iroquois: ‘people building a long house’
Profitable; yielding financial gain Community of people of mainly common decent; forming a unified government
A formal agreement between nations To exist in mutual tolerance

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