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DIRECTIONS: Ask the class to examine the “Creating Your Own PowerPoint Jeopardy” vocabulary list above. Introduce Concept Map activity to the class by reviewing the completed Canal Concept Map. Divide the class the class into small groups and assign each group a “Creating Your Own PowerPoint Jeopardy Game” word and ask them to complete a blank Concept Map graphic organizer.

Steamboat Concept Box
Steamboat concept

Concept Box
Concept Box


English Language Arts Standard 1: Language for Information and Understanding

  • Have students develop and test strategies for selecting, interpreting, and analyzing information from the instructional PowerPoint for use in the review game. 

Math, Science, and Technology Standard 2: Information Systems

Math, Science, and Technology Standard 5: Technology Computer Technology

  • Co-teach this learning experience with a technology teacher, who can assist students in using computer software to present information. Students can add audio and visual elements to enhance their interactive review games. 
  • Students should balance their time between learning specific tools and skills to present historical information, and weighing the importance and relevance of the information being selected for the review game.

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