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A picture book is a very good way to present material or deliver a message. When you are able to combine a well-told story with strong visual images, you create an experience that may stay with readers for the rest of their lives. The purpose of this activity is to allow students to demonstrate their knowledge of social studies in a way that is creative and engaging to them. In particular, students can tell a story from the perspective of someone who lived during the time of Champlain, Hudson, or Fulton - perhaps even as one of these three individuals themselves. For this learning experience, students will create a story describing life in a Dutch settlement, to show the long-term impact that Henry Hudson’s explorations had on life in North America.


  • What were the perspectives of various individuals who lived during the time of Henry Hudson?
  • How did explorers like Henry Hudson view the world they lived in?
  • How were Native American and European societies interdependent?
  • What role did trade and commerce play in the development of New Netherlands?
  • How can a picture book create a sense of what life was like in another time and place?

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