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  • Costabel, Eva Deutsch. 1988. The Jews of New Amsterdam. New York: Atheneum. ISBN 0-689-31351-9.  New York, 1650's.  This simplified text gives an overview of the Jews' effect on the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam.
  • Lobel, Arnold. 1971. On the Day Peter Stuyvesant Sailed into Town. New York: Harper. ISBN 0-06-443144-4.  New York, 1647. This text follows the development of New Amsterdam during Stuyvesant's efforts to organize the town.
  • Locker, Thomas. 1990. The Land of Gray Wolf. New York: Dial. ISBN 0-8037-0936-6.  The destruction of the wilderness viewed through the eyes of a Native American child.
  • Shepard, Aaron. 1995. The Baker's Dozen A Saint Nicholas Tale. Illustrated by Wendy Edelson. New York: Antheneum. ISBN 0-689-80298-6.  The custom of the baker's dozen is shown here to have started in a town in colonial Albany.
  • Spier, Peter. 1979. The Legend of New Amsterdam. New York: Doubleday. ISBN: 0-3851-3180-1.  Describes life in the bustling 17th-century settlement of New Amsterdam.

The following Web sites were consulted in the creation of the sample picture book, A Time of Change:

Albany Institute of History & Art                       

Fordham University Libraries

Get NY!

Governors Island Preservation & Education Corporation

Library of Congress

Museum of Ontario Archaeology

New Netherland Project

The New-York Historical Society

New York State Archives                               

New York State Library                                            

New York State Museum


  • First Jewish immigration to New Amsterdam/Stuyvesant/ discrimination – click on first video resource, “The First Jews in the New World” (approx. 2 mins.)
  • Video clip on the Old Quaker Meeting House – click on “Flushing”
  • Lesson on the Hudson River from NTTI (National Teachers Training Institute – WNET/Thirteen, NYC), including suggested activities and web resources. The video clip from Bill Moyers below can be used with this lesson.
  • Video clip from Bill Moyers, “America’s First River” (approx. 90 seconds)
  • Scroll down to “Erie Canal” and click on online tour for a virtual tour of the Erie Canal

PBS Kids

This resource has a section entitled Big Apple History.  It provides students with documents and videos which maybe used to trace the development of New York City from its pre-Columbian origins to modern times.

  • Henry Hudson – photo, short video clip and historical documents
  • Stuyvesant - photo, short video clip and historical documents
  • New Amsterdam - photo, short video clip and historical documents
  • Dutch West India Company

The Project Gutenberg eBook, The Story of Manhattan

Ryker-Riker Historical Society, Inc.

Warburg Electronic Library


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