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In August 2007, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) hosted a meeting of twenty-one New York State stakeholders at the New York State Bar Association in Albany. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the dissemination and sustainability of Law Day-related resources in P-16 education. The NYSED Civics Education Toolkit is a result of that meeting.

Special thanks go to the meeting participants who helped shape the creation of this toolkit.

Center for Courts and the Community
Dory Hack (Deputy Director)
Jacqueline Sherman (Project Director)

Newspapers in Education
Mary Miller (Coordinator)

New York Institute of Technology / New York Teacher Centers
Stan Silverman (Associate Professor, School of Education)

New York State Bar Association
Sebrina Barrett (Senior Director for Public Affairs and Administrative Services)
Eileen Gerrish (Director, Law, Youth and Citizenship Program)
Kate Madigan (President)
John Williamson (Associate Executive Director)
Office of District Superintendents (NYSED)
Dr. John Stoothoff (District Superintendent of Schools, Washington-Saratoga-Warren- Hamilton-Essex BOCES)

Office of Public Affairs – Unified Court System
Andrea Sahakian (Public Information Officer)
Tony Walters (Senior Management Analyst/Public Information Officer)

Project P.A.T.C.H.
David Scott (Coordinator)

Syracuse City School District
David Maynard (Field Coordinator for Social Studies)
Ric Suarez (Career Transition Specialist)

New York State Education Department Participants and Facilitators
David Miller (Chief of Staff and Deputy Commissioner for Innovation)
Anne Schiano (Assistant Director)
Eric Suhr (Bureau Chief)
Anita Behn (Assistant)

Constance Centrello (Associate)
Anthony Jaacks (Associate)
Jo Ann Larson (Associate)
Lawrence Paska (Associate)

Mark Waldman (Administrative Officer)