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The New York State Learning Standards articulate what students should know and be able to do as a result of skilled instruction. They are organized into seven general areas:

Unless otherwise specified, the standards are defined by key ideas and performance indicators arranged in three levels: elementary (grades K-4), intermediate (grades 5-8), and commencement (grades 9-12). The skills, concepts, and understandings are articulated in the core curricula of each standard area. Interdisciplinary connections are found throughout these seven areas. (Adapted from the New York State Education Department Virtual Learning System)

Additional interdisciplinary connections are found in the lesson plans and sample tasks of the NYSED Virtual Learning System.

This Crosswalk represents the infusion of civics education across all 28 New York State Learning Standards.  It can be used by schools and districts to:

For each of the 28 New York State Learning Standards, the Crosswalk links at least one elementary, intermediate, and commencement level performance indicator to civics education. Some learning standards may have multiple performance indicators at each level linked, while some learning standards may not have one for each level. 

This Crosswalk encourages discussion about the role of civics in all subject areas. This Crosswalk should not be considered a definitive list, but rather a starting point.

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