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Teachers of Tomorrow Science and Mathematics Tuition Reimbursement Program

2008 - 2009

Program Purpose

The purpose of the Science and Mathematics Recruitment Tuition Reimbursement Program is to provide funds to school districts to reimburse teachers for courses taken towards meeting requirements for a transitional certificate to teach science or mathematics in a low-performing school. This program provides an initial tuition reimbursement award of $4,000 per year (or the actual annual tuition cost of the approved program, whichever is less) and is renewable for an additional year. The total of all awards to a recipient may not exceed the total tuition cost of the approved program. There is a one-year service agreement for each award given. These awards shall be given in addition to and are NOT part of the teacher’s base salary.

Eligible Applicants:

School districts may apply for funds to provide tuition reimbursement to Teachers that meet all three requirements:

  • that have received or will receive a transitional certificate to teach science or mathematics
  • who will be employed full-time for the school year for which the award is to be made
  • who agree to perform in low performing schools as a condition of the award.

Request for Proposals 2008-2009

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