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Updated December 15, 2016

Important Changes to Federal Funding for Low‐Income Students’ Advanced Placement Exams in New York

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), signed into law in December 2015, makes important changes to federal funding for low‐income students. New York will need to act to ensure that low‐income students continue to receive federal funding to reduce the cost of their AP Exams.

Starting with the May 2017 AP Exams, New York will no longer be able to access funds through the federal AP Test Fee Program, which expired in 2016. The program was consolidated with many other education programs under ESSA Title IV, Part A. Funding for AP activities is available under Title
IV‐A, as well as under Title I and Title II.

As a result of federal funding, the number of AP Exams taken by low‐income students in New York has grown from 9,850 in 1998, the year before the federal program began, to 69,500 in 2016. The potential college tuition savings attributable to AP Exams taken by low‐income students in New York
who received federal funding in 2016 and scored a 3 or higher is $24 million.
Here is an overview of how New York can access the new ESSA funds to expand AP access.

Last Updated: December 15, 2016