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Teaching Talented Art Students

The National Art Education Association external link icon has just released a new book entitled "Teaching Talented Art Students" by Gilbert Clark and Enid Zimmerman. "If ever there was a case for the important role that the arts play in improving cognitive development, this book is the best source I have seen to date. Readers will find unequivocal evidence that thinking skills, planning, problem solving, and creativity as well as technical facility in the arts are all outcomes of good art education programs," said Joseph S. Renzulli, Director, The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented. Based on more than 25 years of work and research in the field, Clark and Zimmerman present contemporary issues and theories regarding the education of artistically talented students. The authors provide practical information on how teachers and administrators can develop curriculum and programs that help students realize their visual-arts talents. Clark and Zimmerman show how students should be encouraged to focus on communication and expression, create unique and complicated works using real-world issues and images, seek critiques from teachers and peers, and explore historical and contemporary imagery by other artists whose work relates to their own.


  • Refutes widely held misconceptions of learning in the visual arts, providing readers with sound, research-based approaches to teaching artistically talented students.
  • Provides 40 illustrations and 35 figures that include practical applications of identification, curriculum frameworks, and assessments related to art talent development.
  • Provides a comprehensive review of relevant literature, discussing the intellectual history of significant concepts.

Gilbert Clark is Professor Emeritus of Art Education and Gifted Education at Indiana University. Enid Zimmerman is currently Professor and Coordinator of At Education and Gifted and Talented Programs in the Curriculum and Instruction Department in the School of Education at Indiana University.

Copies of the book may be ordered from the National Art Education Association Publications list external link icon.

Last Updated: June 3, 2009