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New Regulations Regarding the Gifted Education Extension

At the July, 2005 Board of Regents Meeting, the Board approved an amendment to clarify and strengthen the education requirements for a Gifted Education Extension.

The amendment defers, until September 1, 2006, implementation of the requirement that a teacher must hold a Gifted Education Extension of a teaching certificate (or have 1obtained a Statement of Continued Eligibility (SOCE) from the Department based upon previous employment as a gifted education instructor) in order to provide instruction to gifted pupils in State funded gifted and talented programs. This change is necessary to provide additional time for the Department to work with institutions of higher education with approved teacher education programs to develop the coursework necessary to prepare teachers to provide instruction to gifted students.

The amendment also requires candidates seeking to meet the education requirement for a gifted education extension through individual evaluation (rather than completion of an approved gifted education program at an institution of higher education) to complete 12 semester hours of coursework in specified subjects, rather than the six semester hours required prior to the amendment. This change is necessary to ensure that candidates for the extension are sufficiently prepared to pass the State certification examination required to qualify for the gifted education extension and, ultimately, to provide quality instruction to gifted students. The amendment is also necessary to clarify the content of the education requirement for the gifted education extension to make sure that all coursework taken to qualify for the extension is sufficiently focused to improve the competencies of teachers to provide appropriate instruction and support to gifted students.

The new regulation is in effect as of August 11, 2005. Anyone who applied before August 11, 2005 will be evaluated based upon the older regulations. Those whose applications are received on August 11, 2005 or after will be evaluated based upon the new regulations.

The Office of Teaching will continue to accept applications for gifted education even though teachers will not be required to hold the Gifted Education certificate (or SOCE – Statement of Continued Eligibility) until September 1, 2006. They will issue Gifted Education extensions with effective dates prior to September 1, 2006 until August 31, 2006.

Applicants who are currently Gifted Education teachers will have until September 1, 2006 to meet the requirements for a SOCE (Statement of Continued Eligibility).

Note on Required Courses

Courses leading to the certificate must be taken from an accredited college or university with an education degree program. Also, they cannot be continuing education courses, such as the gifted education courses offered online by the University of Phoenix. Online courses that are part of a degree program at an accredited institution and meet the content requirements for the certificate will be accepted.

For further information on coursework requirements, see the Questions and Answers.

December 2003 Field Memorandum on the GT Extension

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