Curriculum and Instruction


  • State Publications

  • Gifted and Talented Publications

    • Magazines

      • Gifted Child Today
        P.O. Box 637, Homes PA 19043-9937
        • This magazine for parents and teachers, mainly focused on school-age gifted children, contains articles and reviews of books for children and parents.
      • Imagine
        Johns Hopkins University Press
        Study of Exceptional Talent
        Institute for the Academic Advancement of Youth
        • A fine periodical for teens and parents.
      • Parenting for High Potential
        • An excellent source.
    • Books

      • Gifted and Talented Children in the Regular Classroom
        E. Paul Torrance, Dorothy Sisk
        Pieces of Learning
      • Teaching Kids in the Regular Classroom
        Susan Winebrenner, Pamel Espeland
        Fre Spirit Publishing, Inc.
        November 2000
      • Almanac: Gifted and Talented Workbook: A Reference Workbook for Ages 6-8
        Mary Hill, Martha Cheney, Larry Nolte
        Lowell House
        April 1995
Last Updated: June 10, 2009