Curriculum and Instruction

The Regents’ Bill of Rights for Children

In March, 1989, the New York State Board of Regents adopted a "Bill of Rights for Children." Although the rights are not legal rights, they do reflect the policy goals of the Regents.

Of particular interest to parents of gifted children is item number IV, which states:
"Each child has the right to an education appropriate for his or her individual needs."

An appropriate program has been defined as one that offers a gifted pupil a trained teacher, classmates with similar characteristics, and a curriculum that is appropriately challenging and adaptable to each pupil’s rate and style of learning.

In a regular classroom, pupils of high ability often spend much of their time working on material they already know. When they do encounter new material, they may learn it in much less time than most of their classmates. They may have few classmates with the same interests. Their teachers may have trouble providing learning experiences that stimulate them while also planning for the range of abilities among the remainder of the pupils.

Last Updated: June 2, 2009