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Mental Health Education in Schools

Research has shown that the quality of the school climate may be the single most predictive factor in any school’s capacity to promote student achievement. When young people are educated about mental health, the likelihood increases they will be able to effectively recognize signs and symptoms in themselves and others and will know where to turn for help. Health education that respects the importance of mental health, as well as the challenges of mental illness, will help young people and their families and communities feel more comfortable seeking help, improve academic performance and, most importantly, even save lives.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “focusing on establishing healthy behaviors during childhood is more effective than trying to change unhealthy behaviors during adulthood.”   An equally important part of this conversation is to help students identify risk and protective factors, as learning and resiliency can result in positive decision-making and life-long success, which are the primary goals of health and education.

Board of Regents Items

  • May 2018 NYSED Board of Regents Meeting
  • May 2018 the NYSED Board of Regents Permanently Adopted Proposed Amendments to Sections 135.1 and 135.3 of the Commissioner’s Regulations.  To view the amendments, the NYS Mental Health Education Advisory Council’s Panel Presentation to the Board of Regents, the Advisory Council Membership and the twenty-six recommendations please click on the following NYS Board of Regents Mental Health Education May 2018

Department Memos

Schools should utilize the wealth of education resources to develop and/or adopt their own curriculum aligned with the New York State Learning Standards, and tailor instruction and programs based on local level needs.

Educational Resources

  • July 2018 Instructional Guide for Classroom Education COMING SOON!
  • July 2018 Resource Guidance Document COMING SOON!

Other Resources

Shindler, J., Jones, A., Williams, A.D., Taylor, C., Cardenia, H. (2016). The school climate-student achievement connection: If we want achievement gains, we need to begin by improving the climate. Journal of School Administration Research and Development 1(1), 9-16.