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LOTE in Action


Here are some back to school ideas to JUMPSTART your students into LOTE.

  1. Cover your bulletin board with butcher block or newsprint paper. Have the students write welcome back greetings to you and their classmates in the target language (TL).
  2. Read a series of ten (or more, depending on the Checkpoint level) statements in the target language about yourself, about the class, or about the target culture (TC). Have students demonstrate comprehension by saying if they are true or false.
  3. Ask the students to make a list, in the TL (teacher assistance is acceptable) of all the items that they have in their locker. Follow-up with:
    • Where did you buy it?
    • How much did it cost?
    • Is it old or is it new?
    • What color is it?
    • Is it round? Square? Rectangular?
    • Does it have a zipper?


Find a one frame cartoon, like the one’s used for the Comprehensive Examinations, that can be used in your classroom. Enlarge it, make an overhead of that picture and/or provide a Xeroxed copy for each student or pairs of students.

1. Checkpoint A, level 1: Use this picture to brainstorm old vocabulary (nouns, adjectives, verbs) as well as vocabulary that the students wish to know. Using that vocabulary, read ten sentences about the picture in the TL to the students and they respond by marking True/False on their paper (listening) . Have students identify what they see in the picture using the TL. They can do this in pairs, taking turns, using complete sentences in the TL, and by helping each other. The teacher might provide the expressions, I see, there is/are, etc…(speaking). After checking for understanding, have the students write a description of the cartoon, or some aspect of it, in the TL. This may be done in pairs or individually. Use the State rubric for assessment purposes (writing).

Checkpoint A

2. Checkpoint B, levels 2,3: Using the same cartoon, the teacher tells a story to the students in the TL. Keep it short, about 5-8 sentences. Repeat the story once (possibly more). Ask the students to tell you , in the TL, about the story. For a greater challenge, remove the picture after your last reading of the story and then proceed. (listening and speaking). Begin a story about the picture but stop before you conclude. Ask students to write, in the TL, (pairs or individually) a conclusion that fits the picture (writing). Ask student volunteers to read aloud their endings. Vote on the best one! (listening).

Checkpoint B

Last Updated: December 10, 2014