Office of Bilingual Education & World Languages

World Languages

American Sign Language

Standard 2: Students will develop cross-cultural skills and understandings.

Key Idea: KEY CULTURAL TRAITS exist within the Deaf culture, and cultural patterns are learned through the use of American Sign Language.

Performance Indicators--Students will:

  • Checkpoint A
    • use key cultural traits that exist in settings where American Sign Language is used
    • become aware of cultural patterns, learned through the use of American Sign Language, that characterize the Deaf culture
  • Checkpoint B
    • demonstrate more comprehensive knowledge of the Deaf culture
    • draw comparisons about different societies both within the Deaf culture and other cultures
    • recognize important linguistic and cultural variations among different groups within the culture and in the various states and Canadian provinces where American Sign Language is used
  • Checkpoint C
    • produce behaviors that are consistent with the Deaf culture
    • reflect a wide variety of different contexts within the Deaf culture
Last Updated: December 10, 2014