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American Sign Language

Standard 1: Students will be able to use a language other than English for communication.

Key Idea: VISUAL-GESTURAL skills provide a means of communication with Deaf people in the context of the Deaf culture.

Key Idea: INTERACTIVE communication is possible with Deaf people through the use use of signs.  

Performance Indicators--Students will:

  • Checkpoint A
    • use receptive skills to comprehend simple statements and questions in standard dialect
    • express basic needs and compose statements, questions and short messages to signers of the same age group and to familiar adults
    • initiate and engage in simple face-to-face conversations
  • Checkpoint B
    • comprehend messages and short conversations when they contain frequently used grammatical features and word order patterns
    • understand some main ideas and some discrete information when watching signed television broadcasts, instructional videotapes, and films on topics of interest to them or to the general public
    • express themselves with confidence on a range of topics that include issues related to everyday life, the content of programs on television and videotapes; the content of articles in newspapers or magazines for the general public; and stories and excerpts from Deaf literature
    • engage in extended discourse with native ASL signers on a broad range of topics that extends beyond the students’ interests to those of general interest to members of the Deaf culture
  • Checkpoint C
    • understand a wide range of registers delivered with some repetition and paraphrasing by fluent ASL signers, comprehension may be hindered when the topics are unfamiliar or when more advanced signed communication is being used
    • organize presentations on everyday topics
    • express complex ideas with confidence


  • converse with confidence
  • engage in extended discourse with native ASL signers on a broad range of topics including those of general interest to the Deaf culture
Last Updated: December 10, 2014