Office of Bilingual Education & World Languages

World Languages


Standard 2: Students will develop cross-cultural skills and understandings.

Key Idea: LATIN AQUISITION provides the cultural context for learning about the ancient world and its people. From this basis students can compare and contrast antiquity and the present and thoughtfully contemplate the future. 

Performance Indicators--Students will:

  • Checkpoint A
    • demonstrate knowledge of some aspects of Greco-Roman culture and selected facts of daily life, myths, history, and architecture
    • recognize manifestations of antiquity in the modern world
  • Checkpoint B
    • demonstrate increased knowledge of Greco-Roman myths and legends, daily life and history, art, and architecture, and of their influence on later civilizations
    • read culturally authentic passages of Latin adapted from Latin authors
    • apply knowledge of Latin literature, authors, and techniques of style to world literary traditions
  • Checkpoint C
    • use adapted reading from Latin prose and poetry to broaden knowledge about Greco-Roman civilization and its influence on subsequent civilizations
    • make comparisons of Latin literary style with those of world literary traditions
Last Updated: December 10, 2014