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Buffalo State College

Project Abstract

This is a multi-regional Engineers of the Future Program that seeks to provide opportunities for teachers across four separate thematic areas. Each of these areas has a distinct connection to the future economy and employment landscape on a state, national and global level. Nationally and internationally recognized education leaders and industry representatives in concert with Buffalo State College technology and engineering teclmology faculty will collaborate to deliver this program. Teachers and school districts will be able to choose from twenty separate 60-hour engineering based courses that will occur over a four week time span. The schedule will enable individuals to complete two of these courses if desired. Depending upon resources and anticipated registration, courses will be available at either regional satellite locations or a centralized location with provided room and board accommodations.

The objective of this initiative is to provide teachers with curricular content and activities that enable engineering relevant learning in middle school and high school classrooms at a low to moderate cost. A unique characteristic of this proposal is founded on the delivery of engineering content and experiences via the application of design principles and the design process. Participants will be able to choose between a stipend or receive 4 graduate credit hours from Buffalo State College, an NCATE, ABET and NAIT accredited institution. The four themes with included courses incorporated into this initiative are:

  • Design, Innovation, Engineering and Technology

    • Introduction to Design, Innovation, Engineering ; Technology Foundations of Design, Innovation, Engineering; Technology Engineering Design and Product Development and Exploring the Designed WorId
  • Engineering and Proto typing

    • Pro/Desktop & Prototyping (6 sections) Pro Engineering and Prototyping (6 sections)
  • Biotechnology and Bioengineering

    • Introduction to Biotechnology and Bioengineering (2 sections)
  • Digital Electronics and Control Systems

    • Introduction to Digital Electronics and Control Systems (2 sections)

    Instruction will encompass engineering concepts and applications across the four thematic areas. Concepts will be reinforced through the use of low to moderately priced laboratory activities. Advanced supporting equipment in the form of an automated machine will also be made available for use with students in classrooms. Teachers will be able to take home supportive curriculum and physical resources to enable the piloting of kinetic learning activities with their students.

    A broad collection of expert instructors will play a variety of interactive and leadership roles in this program. Faculty from the engineering technology programs at Buffalo State College will serve advisory, teaching, and curricular development roles. Lead instructors for the courses are national and international leaders in their respective disciplines. Certified PTC corporation trainers will provide expertise in the use and application of Pro DesktopTM, Pro~EngineerTM, and WindchillTM, parametric technology engineering design software that will be provided free to teacher participants to be used in their schools.

    Contact: Clark Greene greenecw@buffalostate.edu

Last Updated: June 17, 2009