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Institute of Education Sciences (IES)

The Institute of Education Sciences (IES)/What Works Clearinghouse publishes practice guides in education to bring the best available evidence and expertise to bear on the types of challenges that cannot currently be addressed by single interventions or programs. The What Works Clearinghouse was established in 2002 by the U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences to provide educators, policymakers, researchers, and the public with a central and trusted source of scientific evidence of what works in education.

IES practice guides external link icon consist of a list of discrete recommendations for educators that are intended to be actionable, are written by panels of nationally recognized experts, and are subjected to rigorous external peer review and include such titles as Encouraging Girls in Math and Science, Organizing Instruction and Study to Improve Student Learning, and Effective Literacy and English Language Instruction for English Learners in the Elementary Grades.

Guidance for Calculator Use

The Guidance for Calculator Use in the Classroom and on State Assessments in Mathematics Chart summarizes the policy decisions made regarding the use of calculators in classrooms and on State Assessment in Mathematics.

Regulatory Changes Related to Commencement Level Mathematics Requirements Approved

The following link will take you to the revised diploma requirements chart that makes provisions for the new Regents Examinations in Mathematics aligned to the Common Core, available on the Curriculum and Instruction Website at  http://www.p12.nysed.gov/ciai/gradreq/revisedgradreq3column.pdf.  The chart has only one revision to footnote h, which lists the mathematics examination combinations leading to a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation.  In February 2014, the Board of Regents adopted a revised regulation that now includes Mathematics Regents Examinations aligned to the Common Core in the three examination combinations.  These changes will primarily affect students graduating beginning with the 2011-2012 school year and thereafter.


View the revised regulatory language and related policy statements

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