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New York State Mathematics Resource Center

The New York State Mathematics Resource Center (NYSMRC) is in its second year of a three year contract with the NYSED. The purpose of the NYMRC is to build school, district, and regional capacity for improving mathematics teaching and learning. The NYSMRC works collaboratively with statewide professional networks to build an infrastructure for sustained achievement in mathematics education.

During the initial year of operation the NYSMRC established seven Regional Coordinating Councils (RCC). The RCC’s consist of individuals representing BOCES Staff/Curriculum Development Network, the Mathematics Mentors network, district level administrators, higher education and Regional School Support Centers. The RCC’s are charged with establishing district level leadership teams consisting of teachers, administrators and higher education partners from high needs districts.

During the summer of 2007, over 200 district level leadership teams participated in the two day leadership training. Nationally recognized experts in the field of mathematics offered the professional development which focused on:

  • NYS Mathematics Learning Standards and the NYS Core Curriculum;
  • State and national mathematics initiatives;
  • Knowledge and skills to assure vertical alignment and coherence in Geometry, PreK – 12;
  • Integrating process strands which are critical to mathematical applications.

Each District Level Leadership Team developed an action plan to implement the major dimensions of systemic reform in mathematics. These teams have committed to participating in regional and local activities to support improved mathematics achievement for all students.

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Last Updated: January 14, 2011