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Regents Diploma Requirements

The section for the cohort of 2006 within the Regents Diploma Requirements for Mathematics chart has been updated. This cohort has been combined with 2007 to reflect the current implementation of the Mathematics Core Curriculum (Revised 2005) and the administration of the three new Regents Examinations in Mathematics. The chart clarifies mathematics diploma requirements for students during and after the transition to Integrated Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2 and Trigonometry from Math A and Math B. In order to fulfill the mathematics portion of a Regents Diploma, students must earn three units of commencement-level mathematics credit and pass one Regents examination in mathematics. The changes related to Commencement Level Mathematics Requirements were approved by the Board of Regents at their May 22-23, 2006 meeting.

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Last Updated: September 17, 2009