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Essential Items for the Science Class for the 21st Century

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All Science Classrooms

checkbox Safety goggles with sterilization device
checkbox Protective clothing (e.g., rubber aprons)
checkbox Fire extinguisher (ABC)
checkbox Fire blanket
checkbox First-aid kit with latex gloves
checkbox Emergency dump shower
checkbox Eye wash
checkbox Safety charts
checkbox Teacher’s desk with computer (CD, DVD, laser disk player), printer linked to overhead TV, software and Internet connection
checkbox Overhead projector
checkbox Projection screen
checkbox Audiovisual equipment
checkbox Videotape library
checkbox Flex camera
checkbox Teacher’s demonstration desk/work table with water, electric, and gas supply
checkbox Teacher/Lab offices
checkbox Chalkboard
checkbox Bulletin Board
checkbox Display area for student work
checkbox File cabinet
checkbox Bookshelves
checkbox Student computers (CD, DVD, laser disk player) with Internet connection and software
checkbox Research area computers
checkbox Probes/sensors with computer or CBL
checkbox Classroom space with student desks or tables
checkbox Student work stations with gas, sink, water and electricity
checkbox Electrical supply (multiple outlets for work stations and counters)
checkbox Heat source (multiple gas and/or electric)
checkbox Storage/preparation room
checkbox Perimeter work area/cabinets with counter top
checkbox Chemical and non-chemical storage
checkbox Cabinets with storage and display capabilities
checkbox Lab carts
checkbox Drying racks
checkbox Tray storage
checkbox Microscopes
checkbox Balances
checkbox Calculators
checkbox Measuring devices (thermometers, balances, glassware (plastic), meter stick)
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Living Environment

checkbox Refrigerator
checkbox Chemical storage
checkbox Water supply
checkbox Microscopes (light, compound, dissecting, stereo)
checkbox Microvideo
checkbox Live animal environment
checkbox Specimen storage
checkbox Autoclave
checkbox Centrifuge
checkbox Moveable plant case with growlight
checkbox Aquarium
checkbox Skeletons (various vertebrates)
checkbox Balances (triple beam, electric)
checkbox Stopwatches
checkbox Thermometers
checkbox Sphygmomanometer
checkbox Glassware (e.g., beakers, flasks, test tubes, eyedroppers, graduated cylinders, slides, coverslips, etc.)
checkbox Growing media (e.g., soil, hydroponics, etc.)
checkbox Realia (specimen collections)
checkbox Models (flower, organs, etc.)
checkbox Wall charts (human systems, plants, etc.)
checkbox Dialysis tubing
checkbox Fossil specimens
checkbox Living specimens (e.g., protists, hydra, euglena, elodea, etc.)
checkbox Prepared slides
checkbox Dissection trays, scalpels, etc.
checkbox Stains (e.g., methylene blue, iodine)
checkbox Indicators (e.g., litmus, pH, Benedicts’s, Lugol’s, Biruet’s, etc.)
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checkbox Chemically resistant work stations
checkbox Heat and acid resistant gloves
checkbox Stationery area for balances (triple beam and electronic)
checkbox Fume hood with gas and water supply
checkbox Refrigerator
checkbox Dishwasher for glassware
checkbox Drying oven
checkbox Distilled water or distillation apparatus
checkbox Chemical Storage (acids, flammables, etc.)
checkbox Micro/macro glassware or appropriate plastic (beakers, flasks, test tubes, eyedroppers, wellplates, pipettes, burettes, stirring rods, bottles, watchglasses, graduated cylinders, etc.)
checkbox Thermometers
checkbox Atmospheric pressure gauge
checkbox Clamp stands, clamps, tongs
checkbox Rubber tubing and stoppers
checkbox Indicators (e.g., pH, litmus, phenolphthalein, thymol blue, bromcresol green, methyl orange, bromthymol blue)
checkbox Wall chart of the Periodic Table
checkbox Molecular model kits
checkbox Magnetic stirrer with hotplate
checkbox Realia (e.g., collection of element and compound specimens)
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checkbox Darkroom
checkbox Strobe lights
checkbox Spectrometer
checkbox Laser
checkbox Gas emission tubes
checkbox Diffraction gratings
checkbox Electroscope with pith balls, ebonite and vinyl rods
checkbox Ripple tank
checkbox DC power source
checkbox Circuit boards with rheostats, switches, batteries, light bulbs, resistors
checkbox Voltmeters
checkbox Ammeters
checkbox Camera/video equipment
checkbox CAD programs
checkbox Magnets
checkbox Generator (van de Graff)
checkbox Motors
checkbox Dynamic carts
checkbox Spark timers/photogates
checkbox Springs
checkbox Hooked masses
checkbox Tuning forks
checkbox Mirrors and lenses
checkbox Stopwatches
checkbox Directional compasses
checkbox Prisms
checkbox Thermometers
checkbox Wallcharts (e.g., electromagnetic spectrum, energy levels, emission spectra, nuclides, quarks)
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Earth Science

checkbox Balance (triple-beam, electronic)
checkbox Weather instruments (e.g., recording barometer, thermometers, sling psychrometers, hydrometers, anemometers, wind vane, precipitation gauges)
checkbox Globes
checkbox Plastic hemispheres
checkbox Balances (triple beam, electric)
checkbox Wall maps
checkbox Topographic maps
checkbox Models (e.g., tectonic plate boundaries, sun/Earth/moon)
checkbox Stop watches (digital)
checkbox Graduated cylinders
checkbox Three-foot plastic columns
checkbox Spectroscopes
checkbox Stream tables
checkbox Protractors
checkbox Hand lens
checkbox Streak plates
checkbox Compass
checkbox Realia (e.g., rocks and minerals, fossils)
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Last Updated: September 22, 2009