Curriculum and Instruction

Physical Education Profile (PE Profile)

PE Profile CD CoverWelcome to the NYSED Physical Education Profile (PE Profile) web page. The purpose of this website is twofold. First and foremost it supports the statewide rollout of the Profile. Secondly it will be used to provide ongoing updates related to both the rollout and new material in support of the Profile. We encourage you to visit often and provide feedback to the Office of Curriculum and Instruction at emscurric@mail.nysed.gov


NOTE: The NYS PE Profile CD-ROM distributed in September 2007 was pressed prior to the release of Vista and Microsoft Office 2007. It is not compatible with machines running these programs. Please use a computer without these operating systems to run the PE Profile until the Department secures a compatible version or use the download link to deliver the PE Profile materials to your computer.

Last Updated: February 23, 2012