Curriculum and Instruction

Physical Education Profile (PE Profile) Updates

PE Profile CD CoverThis page contains updates to the PE Profile. The PE Profile is meant to be a 'live' assessment tool that will grow and develop. The links below will take you to a section of the PE Profile that has been updated or has additional supplementary information added to enhance the use of the PE Profile. New scenarios and rubrics will be added as they become available to keep this tool relevant and useful as physical education programs, learning standards, and curriculum change to meet the needs of NYS students and teachers. For your convenience, each update will be dated.


NOTE: The NYS PE Profile CD-ROM distributed in September 2007 was pressed prior to the release of Vista and Microsoft Office 2007. It is not compatible with machines running these programs. Please use a computer without these operating systems to run the PE Profile until the Department secures a compatible version or use the Download link to deliver the PE Profile materials to your computer.

Last Updated: July 23, 2010