NYSED Global History and Geography Online Resource Guide

                                                                                 April 2008

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Global History and Geography Online Resource. In just the past few years, billions of people have entered the global economy and ignited a global education boom that has changed our world and challenges our state. In keen recognition of this change, the Board of Regents envisions New York graduates who are prepared for citizenship, work, and continued education.

Now more than ever, the interconnectedness of global economic markets, media, and technologies affects students worldwide. Our students must be able to confront global challenges such as economic competition, changing career opportunities, environmental changes, conflict, religious persecution and genocide, rapid technological advances, and migration leading to demographic shifts. Such interconnectedness necessitates instructional innovation, enabling students to develop cultural competency, technological aptitude, collaborative abilities, and communication skills. Combined with competency in mathematics, science, and other content areas, these skills are highly transferable to a range of employment and life situations, and empower our students to thrive in a global economy.

The Global History and Geography Online Resource reflects the vision that innovative instructional resources should provide teachers with support to develop the knowledge, skills, and cultural competencies that students need to succeed in school, compete in the workplace, and become part of the global community.

As you implement this resource into your curriculum, we welcome your comments via the Global History and Geography Online Resource Comment Sheet at http://www.p12.nysed.gov/ciai/socst/ghgonline/GHGCOMMENTSHEET.doc.


                  Anne Schiano

“The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks demonstrated to many Americans that movements from across the globe impact our country in ways never before imagined. Despite America’s status as an economic, military and cultural superpower, we risk becoming narrowly confined within our own borders, lacking the understanding of the world around us that is essential to our continued leadership role in the world community. The day has long passed when a citizen could afford to be uninformed about the rest of the world and America’s place in that world. CED therefore believes it is critical to ensure that all students become globally competent citizens who will lead our country in the twenty-first century.”

-- Committee for Economic Development. 2006. Education for Global Leadership: The Importance of International Studies and Foreign Language Education for U.S. Economic and National Security. Washington, DC: Author.


Features of the Global History and Geography Online Resource

The home page graphic organizer provides direct access to:

New York State social studies learning standards
Global History and Geography core curriculum
Global History and Geography units
Turning points
Course models
Essential questions
World history scholarship
Audio glossaries
Student projects
Essay strategies
The Office of State Assessment home page


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