Holocaust Research


In this comprehensive research project, please be sure to

When you submit the final copy of your research project, you will need to fulfill a cover page requirement.  (A sample is included in this packet.) The cover page should include: Name, Global/English Humanities 10R, Teachers Name, Due Date (lower right hand corner of paper). The center of the cover page will include the title of the project and an illustration relating to your topic.  For the first full page of text, please follow the proper standard format as outlined in the Research Guide.

* Remember to review your paper one last time by proofreading and spell-checking. Check for historical accuracy and competency, as this will be assessed for Global. English will focus on research mechanics, English standards, and thesis development.

Scoring Rubric

Category Area  Standards
Organization conclusion
  • thesis statement development

  • introduction and

  • details

  • organization

  • transitions

Style, Quality, and Thoroughness of Information
  • evidence of historical research using three sources

  • analysis of information

  • original and substantial discussion

  • accuracy of historical information

  • vocabulary

  • sentence structure

  • blending of information from a variety of sources

Mechanics and Relevancy of Information 
  • provides relevant historical facts in response to research

  • correct format for in-text documentation and Works Cited Page

  • correct mechanics

Cover Page 
  • satisfies requirements

  • title

  • illustration

  • basic information

Please Note:  Papers submitted without a Works Cited Page and/or without documentation will be penalized 50 points

Please be sure to:

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