Student Projects

The Student Projects component of the Global History and Geography Online Resource is an outgrowth of two years' worth of "Calls for Content" in social studies.  Some of the projects apply to specific units while others apply to overarching and recurring concept/themes such as culture. Some of these long-term projects may be completed during a single marking period, or semester or throughout the entire two-year program. Many of these projects culminate in research papers, exhibitions, or student presentations before a classroom and/or larger audience. The projects are real and were developed by classroom teachers. In day-to-day social studies instruction, teachers have a wide variety of instructional techniques and strategies from which to choose. The projects included in this component can be adapted to best meet the instructional needs of teachers and students.

Belief Systems Power Point Project: Global History and Geography

Culture Project

Current Events Journal

Eight Features of Civilization

Film Culture Project

Global Themes and Concepts Illustrated

Holocaust Research

Turning Points Project

Two Year Project of Literature in the Social Studies Classroom

United Nations

photo of the coliseum in Rome



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