Global Themes and Concepts Illustrated


Students will be able to


  1. Locate TWENTY illustrations that best reflect TWENTY of the Global History and Geography themes and concepts listed.

  2. You may use images, pictures and illustrations from magazines, newspapers, the Internet, and/or other related sources - except your textbook!Check the boxes next to the TWENTY Global History and Geography concepts that will be used on the final version of your project.

  3.  Each illustration must be related to one of the global regions studied.  Check the box next to the region each time one is used. 

  4. Absolutely NO PHOTOCOPIES will be accepted; only original images should be submitted.

  5. Create a package of the TWENTY Global History and Geography themes and concepts chosen based on the following guidelines:

  • A cover page which includes your name, course/class period, teacher's name, and submission date. 

  • Label TWENTY pages with the theme and concept at the top of the page followed by the global region; provide a brief definition of your theme and concept (one or two sentences will be sufficient); place your image, picture, and illustration below your definition; and compose a brief summary of how your illustration best reflects the theme and concept chosen.

  • Include the scoring rubric at the end of the project.


Δ Animism

Δ Interdependence
Δ Change Δ Isolation
Δ Choice Δ Matriarchy
Δ Citizenship and Civic Values Δ Militarism
Δ Climate Δ Modernization
Δ Conflict Δ Monotheism
Δ Culture and Cultural and Intellectual Life Δ Movement of People and Goods
Δ Cultural Diffusion Δ Nationalism
Δ Cultural Diversity Δ Overpopulation
Δ Decision Making Δ Patriarchy
Δ Deforestation Δ Polytheism
Δ Desertification Δ Poverty
Δ Economic System Δ Power
Δ Empathy Δ Racism
Δ Ethnocentrism Δ Religion, Philosophy, and Belief System
Δ Family Δ Revolution
Δ Famine Δ Scarcity
Δ Genocide Δ Science and Technology
Δ Geography, Topography, and the Environment Δ Social Mobility
Δ Government and Political System Δ Trade
Δ Human Rights and Justice Δ Tradition
Δ Identity Δ Urbanization
Δ Imperialism  

Global Regions


Sub-Saharan Africa

      East Asia
      Western and Eastern Europe
      Latin America
      The Middle East

Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States

      South Asia
      Southeast Asia


Use this example as a "model" for your own Global Illustrated package. Be sure to use the exact same format:  theme and concept title, region (and, if possible, the specific country), definition, illustration, and summary statement.

Culture Diffusion
East Asia - China


The spreading of ideas, products, goods, and people from one culture to another


This picture best represents the concept of cultural diffusion because it shows a familiar United States export - McDonald's - in Beijing, China doing brisk business in that country. This is only one example of cultural diffusion that reflects the movement of goods and services from one country to another.

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