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Global History and Geography Core Curriculum

The Global History and Geography Core Curriculum is based on the five social studies standards: History of the United States and New York; World History; Geography; Economics; and Civics, Citizenship, and Government. It is designed to help students explore significant world-scale history cases of change. It requires students to ask probing questions and make global connections and/or linkages.

For each historical era, students will investigate global connections and linkages:

cultural diffusion Cultural Diffusion belief system Belief System
Migration Migration Trade Trade
multi-regional empires Multi-regional Empires conflict Conflict

This core curriculum enables students to investigate issues and themes from multiple perspectives that lead to in-depth understanding.

Visit the Turning Points component of this online resource. The Turning Points are linked directly to various units throughout this online resource.

Visit the Audio Glossary component of this online resource.  The glossary can be used in many of the units where pronunciation of certain vocabulary words, titles, proper names, cities, countries and events may be difficult.

Unit Descriptions

Unit 1: Ancient World-Civilizations and Religions (BC 4000 - 500 AD) Unit 5: An Age of Revolution (1750 - 1914)
Unit 2: Expanding Zones of Exchange and Encounter (500 - 1200) Unit 6: A Half Century of Crisis and Achievement (1900 - 1945)
Unit 3: Global Interactions (1200- 1650) Unit 7: The 20th Century Since 1945
Unit 4: The First Global Age (1450 - 1770) Unit 8: Global Connections and Interactions