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Unit 1

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Unit ONE: Ancient World -- Civilizations and Religions (4000 BC - 500 AD)

This first unit explores a broad period of time roughly from 4000 BC to 500 AD by investigating early peoples; human migrations; the Neolithic Revolution; early river civilizations; African and Eurasian classical civilizations; the rise and fall of great empires, and the emergence and spread of the major global belief systems. It is a time that shaped all subsequent periods. In this unit, students are asked to investigate the meaning and characteristics of culture. They discover the enduring interplay between agrarian civilizations and nomadic cultures. Students are also introduced to human and physical geography and the extent to which humans can control their environment.

A. Early peoples

B. Neolithic Revolution and early river civilizations

C. Classical civilizations

D. The rise and fall of great empires

E. The emergence and spread of belief systems

photo of the coliseum in Rome

picture of a sculpture

picture of a building

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