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Unit 5

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Unit FIVE:An Age of Revolution (1750 - 1914)

The Age of Revolution represents an era that unleashed global forces that continue to play themselves out in the 21st century. It is an epoch of “-isms”:  nationalism; industrialism, mercantilism, capitalism, liberalism, socialism, communism, imperialism, and colonialism. It reflected an age of political revolutions and reaction against revolutionary ideas. It was a period of economic and social revolutions, which was marked by dramatic changes in the structure of social classes and changes in the traditional roles of men, women and children. It heralded the modern age and raised a series of essential questions. At the beginning of the 20th century, the nations of the west held positions of dominance and hegemony that few, if any, nations ever achieved in world history. During this period, Japan and the United States became major players on the world stage.

A. The Scientific Revolution

B. The Enlightenment in Europe

C. Political revolutions

D. The reaction against revolutionary ideas

E. Latin America: The failure of democracy and the search for stability

F. Global nationalism

G. Economic and social revolutions

H. Imperialism

I. Japan and the Meiji restoration



simon bolivar

opium wars in china imperialism

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