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What Is a Culture?  (PDF)
by Nancy Jervis, Ph.D.

Culture: A Geographical Perspective (PDF)
by  Charles Heatwole, Ph.D.

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World Communities: What Is a Culture? is an online resource guide which primarily supports instruction of the material in the New York State grade 3 social studies core curriculum, Communities Around the World - Learning About People and Places. It can also provide content background and instructional strategies for teachers of the grade 6 and the global history and geography core curricula. This guide represents a new type of resource from the State Education Department, as it provides content background in social studies for elementary school teachers. The guide also provides curriculum planning tips and activities to help teachers select world communities for study in the grade 3 classroom. It is part of the New York State Education Department's social studies toolkit available online.

World Communities: What Is a Culture? is the result of the second Social Studies Summit, which was held at the State Education Department in Albany, New York, on April 29-30, 2004. The two-day summit, cosponsored by the New York State Council for the Social Studies (NYSCSS) and the New York State Supervisory Association (NYS4A), produced 13 specific recommendations in the areas of curriculum, assessment, and professional development.

Recommendation #2 stated: "That a committee be established by SED and social studies professional organizations for the purpose of creating an online resource guide (accessible through VLS) clarifying how core content understandings, important concepts and social science skills should be emphasized in the third grade. This resource should include a template on how to study diverse world communities." This online resource is a direct result of that recommendation.

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