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Planning Template for Units

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World Community 1

World Community 2

World Community 3

World Community 4

Local Community


How has this community organized its economy to answer these questions:  What will be produced? How will it be produced? Who will get what is produced?

What resources does the community have and how are they used to meet people's needs and wants?

How do people earn a living in this community?

How has earning a living changed over time?

How are goods and services moved around to meet people's needs and wants?

How has this movement of goods and services changed over time?

Notes to the teacher:

  • Select the world communities and fill them in on the template for World Community 1, 2, 3, 4 (and any other world communities you add).

  • Use the areas in each World Community column to fill in what resources and/or materials your district will use to answer the questions in the Characteristic column.

  • Think about which skills you will incorporate and where, as you decide which materials your district will use.

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