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Leaders' Guide

Leaders' Guide CoverWelcome to the New York State Education Department Social Studies Leaders' Guide, an online publication designed as a reference tool for school leaders and teachers of social studies. This is the first in a series of Leaders’ Guides under development. They are intended to provide essential information and resources to support improved standards based education programs to students of NYS schools prekindergarten through grade 12. Similar guides are under development for science, English language arts and mathematics.

This particular guide is a revision of the original publication, Leaders Guide: New York State Social Studies Program K - 12, which was last updated in the late 1980s. It represents a collaborative partnership among various offices within New York State Education Department and with the social studies professional organizations. Since the original publication, many important advances have been made in social studies education including:

  • the development and adoption of Learning Standards for Social Studies (1996);
  • the statewide dissemination of the Social Studies Resource Guide with Core Curriculum (1997) which provides further specificity of the learning standards; and
  • the gradual phase-in of State assessments in grades 5 and 8, along with the Regents examination requirements in {Global History and Geography} and {United States History and Government}.

These changes represent a major initiative from the original New York State Regents Action Plan, enacted in the 1980s.

It is our hope that the educational learning communities of New York State will find this publication useful, practical, and informative. The New York State Social Studies Leaders’ Guide is not a static publication. It will be reviewed and updated periodically when new information becomes available.

Last Updated: May 26, 2009