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Tools for Social Studies Supervisors

Tips for New Supervisors

Throughout the development process of the New York State Education Department: Social Studies Leaders’ Guide, the New York State Social Studies Supervisory Association (NYS4A) played a supportive and active role. In the early days of NYS4A/SED discussions, one of NYS4A’s first recommendations was that a "Tips for New Social Studies Supervisors" component be included in the document. NYS4A is a broad and diverse group. Some of the Board members are part of their district’s administrative contract, while others are included in the teachers’ contract. Their tips apply to supervisors who fall in either category. As you skim through the tips, you will find highlighted responsibilities. NYS4A believes that these responsibilities apply to almost anyone who serves in a social studies leadership capacity, regardless of their job title. The tips that are presented here are meant to be practical and, in some instances, cautionary.

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Teacher Certification Information

Do you want to know how to get certified or what the social studies teacher certification requirements are?

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Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is a public statement by educators that sets clear expectations and principles to guide practice and inspire professional excellence.

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The State Education Department’s Office of Management Services and Office of Fiscal Services has a State Aid Unit. One of the publications available on their website is New York State Textbook Loan Program:

Definitions of Textbooks Under the Textbook Loan Program
Procedures for Collecting Textbook Loan Requests
Loans from Inventory and Procedures for Inventory Control
Loans from Current Purchases
Distribution and Recovery of Loaned Textbooks
Accounting for Textbook Revenues and Expenditures
Cooperative Arrangements
Questions and Answers Regarding the Textbook Loan Program

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The Professional Development Plan (PDP)
175 Hours Professional Development Requirement

The Professional Development Plan (PDP) was developed in 1999 to address professional development for local school districts across New York State. Complete information about PDP’s and their implications for your school district can be found.

Title IIA and Professional Development Plan Monitoring (April 2005)
Title IIA and Professional Development Plan Monitoring (Sept. 2004)
A Framework for Professional Development

Professional Development Plan (Commissioner's Regulations 100.2(o))

For information regarding the 175 hours of Professional Development Requirement:

Since February 2004, the State has required 175 hours of professional development every five years for all new teachers. Social studies supervisors should locate and examine his/her district’s PDP (Professional Development Plan) and/or CDEP (Comprehensive District Educational Plan).

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Sources for PROFESSIONAL Development

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Supervisors should be aware of a wide range of professional development opportunities that are available to social studies professionals. This sampling of professional development resources was developed by social studies supervisors.

Last Updated: September 14, 2009