Curriculum and Instruction

Standard 1, Key Idea 2

Key Idea 2: Important ideas, social and cultural values, beliefs, and traditions from New York State and United States history illustrate the connections and interactions of people and events across time and from a variety of perspectives.

Performance Indicators--Students will:


  • gather and organize information about the traditions transmitted by various groups living in their neighborhood and community
  • recognize how traditions and practices were passed from one generation to the next
  • distinguish between near and distant past and interpret simple timelines


  • describe the reasons for periodizing history in different ways
  • investigate key turning points in New York State and United States history and explain why these events or developments are significant
  • nderstand the relationship between the relative importance of United States domestic and foreign policies over time
  • nalyze the role played by the United States in international politics, past and present


  • discuss several schemes for periodizing the history of New York State and the United States
  • develop and test hypotheses about important events, eras, or issues in New York State and United States history, setting clear and valid criteria for judging the importance and significance of these events, eras, or issues
  • compare and contrast the experiences of different groups in the United States
  • examine how the Constitution, United States law, and the rights of citizenship provide a major unifying factor in bringing together Americans from diverse roots and traditions
  • analyze the United States involvement in foreign affairs and a willingness to engage in international politics, examining the ideas and traditions leading to these foreign policies
  • compare and contrast the values exhibited and foreign policies implemented by the United States and other nations over time with those expressed in the United Nations Charter and international law.
Last Updated: April 24, 2009