Curriculum and Instruction

Standard 5, Alternate Assessment for Students with Severe Disabilities

Key Idea: Students will study government, civic life and values and citizenship.

Performance Indicators for Students with Severe Disabilities

Performance Indicators--Students:

  • explore the basic purposes of government and the importance of civic life
  • demonstrate knowledge of the holidays, celebrations, and symbols of our nation
  • demonstrate what it means to be a good citizen in the classroom, school, home, and community
  • identify and describe the rules and responsibilities students have at home, in the classroom, and at school
  • learn that effective, informed citizenship is a duty of each citizen, and demonstrate it through voting and community service
  • identify basic rights that students have and those that they will acquire as they age
  • show a willingness to consider other points of view before drawing conclusions or making judgments
  • participate in activities that focus on a classroom, school, or community issue or problem
Last Updated: April 27, 2009