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Social Studies Awards and Grants

United States Senate Youth Program

Information regarding the United States Senate Youth Program and application forms will be posted in early August of each year.

Louis E. Yavner Awards

The 2013 Louis E. Yavner Awards for promotion of understanding of the Holocaust and human rights issues were presented at the June Board of Regents meeting. Andrew Beiter, from Springville-Griffith Middle School, is the recipient of the Teacher Award. Mr. Beiter is the founder and advisor of the Human Rights Club, the director of the Summer Institute for Human Rights and Genocide Studies and the Educators’ Institute for Human Rights.

Dr. Dennis Banks, Professor at SUNY at Oneonta, is the recipient of the Citizen Award. Dr. Banks is a national leader in promoting human right education. He has written for state and national publications and has spoken widely on human rights issues. He has influenced hundreds of teachers who as seniors in the teacher preparation program participate in the annual workshop on Human Rights that Dr. Banks plans and facilitates.

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Last Updated: June 24, 2014