Curriculum and Instruction

Teacher Centers

New York State Council of Educational Organizations (NYSCEA)

The Office of Curriculum and Instruction provides support to NYSCEA, which is comprised of representatives of state-level professional educational associations.  Representatives of the 40-50 associations meet three times each year to learn from the NYS Education Department about Department initiatives and issues, and to find common ground, formulate collective positions, and develop unifying activities amongst member organizations.

NYSCEA maintains its own web site.  The site includes a list of member associations which include links to each association’s own web site; association events, conferences and other professional development opportunities; and minutes and other resources from the 3 annual meetings.    

The Office of Teacher Quality and Professional Development provides support to NYSCEA by filling the role of principle liaison between the Department and the Network, and through management of a NYSCEA listserv (private, limited to appointed representatives and NYSED liaisons).

For more information about NYSCEA, contact a member of NYSCEA’s executive committee.  For more information about local and regional professional development activities in your field, contact your professional organization. 

Last Updated: September 29, 2011